We make renewables more valuable.

We believe a new approach to designing renewable energy plants is needed. An approach that optimizes renewable energy plants not as a stand-alone unit but as an integrative part of our energy markets and grids. And unlocks a path to more valuable renewables.

That’s why Nash Renewables exists.

Our software products enable renewable energy developers and producers to make better choices in all asset lifecycle stages. Choices rooted in unlocking the most economic and environmental value – and not simply the highest energy production at the lowest cost. To deal with the added complexity of integrative, value-based decision-making, we embed cutting-edge AI deep into our software product. Our AI-driven products empower the brilliance of human decision making by transforming vast optimization complexity into clear choices.

Software built for renewable energy developers and producers.

With our upcoming continuous flow of product feature releases, we are working towards our ultimate product vision: One-Click Renewables™! With One-Click Renewables™ we combine data automation, AI simulations with deep industry knowledge to dramatically reduce complexity and cut lead times at early project development stages for layout creation, technology choices and intermediate suitability assessments.