Create More Profitable Renewable Energy Projects.

NASH|dev is our super fast optimization tool that boosts the value of your renewable energy assets. Configure new projects in under a minute, simulate asset-specific forecasts instantly and gain an integrated view of wind and solar production. All within our very accessible software.

Our Key to Success: 
Empowerment to Make the Optimal Decisions

Experience the power of our integrative, value-based approach, which empowers you to make optimization choices that others can’t see or value accurately. Embrace the competitive edge our software product provides and excel in the renewable energy landscape.


Your Key Features


Effortlessly Create, Analyze & Optimize Renewable Projects

Seamlessly create wind, solar, or hybrid projects and intuitively manage them with our super easy-to-use platform.

Unlimited Configurations at Your Fingertips

Explore endless project possibilities with just a few clicks, customizing and optimizing configurations to drive investment value.


Instant Insights & Results

Our cloud-native platform delivers insights and results in seconds enabling you to find your best project configuration rapidly.

Unlock Hidden Value Potential.

Embrace the future and revolutionize your renewable energy investment with NASH! Experience site attractiveness assessment, asset technology optimization, asset-specific capture prices, and advanced insights all in one powerful platform. Don't miss out - start your free trial now and effortlessly unlock your project's hidden value potential!


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