For developers:

Increase Profitability and manage multiple renewable projects simultaneously.

NASH|dev helps you to focus your efforts on the most valuable projects across all project design stages. Overcome today's challenges and speed up your project development processes, maximize project feasibility, and integrate power market forecasts to improve project profitability right from the beginning.

How our software helps you:


Effortless project

NASH|dev’s One-Click Renewables® design enables a simplified and accelerated project development process, so you can validate more projects to pick the best.

  • Project set-up including site layout and technology selection in less than 2 minutes.
  • One-Click project calculations, reducing reliance on engineering expertise in the early stages.
  • Multi-project and technology comparison of NPV, IRR on a single screen.

power markets

By design, NASH|dev connects technology and site optimization with power market dynamics to optimize your project's capture rate and value within one easy-to-use tool.

  • Harness hourly 20-year power market price forecasts for financial estimates and projections.
  • Advanced algorithms optimizing technology and site designs for the highest market values.
  • Intuitive dashboards provide detailed project insights supporting strategic decision-making.

Support wind,
solar and hybrids

Built by experts with years of industry expertise, NASH|dev provides the capabilities to validate and optimize wind, solar, and hybrid projects.

  • Benefit from pre-integrated continuously updated wind, solar, and technology databases.
  • Combined technology optimizer for hybrid project extensions or greenfield developments.
  • Multiple upload and download functions to integrate your very own assets or databases.

A performance boost for your business

Experience the power of our integrative, value-based approach, which empowers you to make optimization choices that others can't see or value accurately.


Dedicated humans, great solutions

Uncover our dedicated team, our commitment to reshaping renewable energy optimization, and the core values that drive NASH’s success.


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