For offtakers:

Match your Green Energy Demands with hourly-based production profile insights.

NASH|dev lets you navigate the complexities of energy procurement across project locations and technologies. Analyze hourly production profiles, generate asset-specific capture prices, and understand carbon displacement potentials to ensure cost-effective and efficient energy sourcing throughout your energy strategies and portfolio.

How our software helps you:


Production profile

NASH|dev provides insights and optimization potentials for production profiles of renewable projects, considering natural resources, technology design, and site layout.

  • Hourly high-resolution production profile assessment to identify best matching profiles.
  • Easy self-service project evaluation in under 2 minutes, not requiring engineering support.
  • Multi-project and technology production profile analysis on a single screen.

Capture price

The value of energy production profiles reflects the correlation to hourly power prices. NASH|dev provides you with insights to understand the true value of a profile.

  • Harness hourly 20-year power market price forecasts for production value assessments.
  • One-Click Renewables® profile valuation gives insights into capture rates and project values.
  • Leverage granular production value insights to facilitate Power Purchase Agreements.

green energy

In the future, the timing of green energy you procure and your load will need to match hourly. Our tool helps you to assess and optimize the 24/7 fit of a profile.

  • Hourly production profile analysis to determine and compare the 24/7 fit of production profiles.
  • Algorithms to optimize technology and site designs to match customer consumption profiles.
  • Carbon displacement calculation quantifying the procurement impact for sustainability targets.

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