For investors:

De-risk Renewable Energy investment decisions informed by power market forecasts.

NASH|dev enables you to evaluate your renewable project portfolio across multiple technologies like wind, solar, or hybrids. Streamline essential investment calculations, reduce reliance on engineering expertise in the early project stages, and safeguard investment decisions with instant evaluation of your project opportunities.

How our software helps you:


Instant opportunity

NASH|dev lets you evaluate the market value of renewable energy investment opportunities in less than 2 minutes, with no need for engineering support.

  • Opportunity set-up including site specification and technology selection in less than 2 minutes.
  • One-Click Renewables® project evaluation providing capture rate, NPV, IRR, and other KPIs.
  • Benchmarking and comparison of multiple investment opportunities and configurations.

Precise investment

Power prices change every hour. NASH|dev considers those hourly prices in combination with technology and site designs when evaluating renewable energy projects.

  • Project opportunity evaluation based on hourly 20-year power market price forecast.
  • Precise evaluation algorithm, analyzing technology and site design with hourly granularity.
  • Intuitive dashboards provide detailed opportunity insights supporting investment decisions.

Unlock portfolio

The design of renewable assets impacts which market price is captured. NASH|dev helps to unlock value by optimizing existing or new assets for higher market values.

  • Optimize wind, solar, and hybrid asset designs for higher power market values.
  • Identify projects for hybrid upgrades to create higher-value production profiles by adding solar.
  • Assess risks and returns across multiple projects to optimize your overall energy portfolio.

A performance boost for your business

Experience the power of our integrative, value-based approach, which empowers you to make optimization choices that others can't see or value accurately.


Dedicated humans, great solutions

Uncover our dedicated team, our commitment to reshaping renewable energy optimization, and the core values that drive NASH’s success.


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