Profitability by Design
for wind & solar farms

NASH|dev is our super fast optimization tool that boosts the value of your renewable energy assets. Configure new projects in under a minute, simulate asset-specific forecasts instantly and gain an integrated view of wind and solar production. All within our very accessible software.

Your key benefits


Unlock the hidden profit potential of your renewable energy investment.


Beat the power market: higher capture prices, less price cannibalisation.


Target synergies between wind & solar PV to build a larger development pipeline.


One-Click Renewables®:
Easy to use. Fast to use. Fun to use.

Your key features

Effortlessly create and optimize power plant projects.

Our software is built for ease of use - also for non-engineers. You can setup a new project and test the value of different configurations in a matter of minutes.

Power market integration made actionable.

We integrate high-resolution power price forecasts deep into the wind & solar farm modeling process. Resulting in unparalleled insights into how power plant design choices impact capture prices and exposure to price cannibalisation.

Wind or solar? Both!

We believe that the future of renewable energy projects is hybrid. Our software is built from the ground up to support both wind and solar farm design - in integration or separately. We will add batteries and P2X models (e.g. hydrogen electrolyzers) in the near future.

AI instead of trial-and-error.

There are more ways to configure a renewable power plant than there are particles in the known universe. Let AI help you find the one that yields the highest profitability for your renewable energy investments.


A performance boost for your business

Experience the power of our integrative, value-based approach, which empowers you to make optimization choices that others can't see or value accurately.


Dedicated humans, great solutions

Get to know our dedicated team, our commitment to reshaping renewable energy optimization, and the core values that drive NASH’s success.


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