We unlock the path to more valuable renewables.

We enable wind asset developers and investors to make better choices in all asset lifecycle stages. Choices rooted in finding the most value – and not simply the highest electricity production at the lowest cost.


Not all energy is created equal.

Renewable energy plants create value in two distinct ways:

  • Economic value: renewables power our societies and economies with cheap, sustainable energy.
  • Environmental value: renewables displace fossil-fuel power plants and their CO₂ emissions from our energy supply.

Both the economic and economic value-add of a renewables crucially depends on how their hourly production profiles align with our energy markets and grids. The growth of renewable energy creates excess green energy in our supply during many hours of the year. During other hours we will witness severe shortages of green energy. Finding ways to produce more green energy in those ”shortage hours” is the key to creating more valuable renewables.

This requires a deep integration of the design process for new renewable energy plants with energy market models. And that’s where today’s practice falls short: new plants are optimized to produce the most amount of energy per year at the lowest cost as a stand-alone asset. Not deliver the most economic value as ab integrated part of our energy markets and grids.

We are here to change that.


Software built for renewable energy developers and operators.

Our two software products - NASH|dev and NASH|ops - enable renewable energy developers and producers to make better choices in all asset lifecycle stages. Choices rooted in unlocking the most economic and environmental value – and not simply the highest energy production at the lowest cost. To deal with the added complexity of integrative, value-based decision-making, we embed cutting-edge AI deep into our software product. Our AI-driven products enables the brilliance of human decision making by transforming vast optimization complexity into clear choices.


The impact of making better choices.

The integrative, value–based approach unlocked by our software products enables our customers to make optimization choices that outperform their peers by substantial margin.


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