For lenders:

Boost your Green Financing Portfolio with a holistic approach to renewable project analysis.

NASH|dev is your partner in safeguarding your financing decisions with the required modelling and engineering capabilities all in one application. Compare multiple projects and their configurations and apply detailed power market forecasts to support your global funding teams in making safer and more informed lending decisions.

How our software helps you:


viability assessment

NASH|dev provides a fast and easy-to-use experience to evaluate the viability and market risks of a renewable energy project in less than 2 minutes.

  • Project set-up including project site, technology, and market conditions in less than 2 minutes.
  • One-Click Renewables® generates insights to understand market and default risks.
  • Benchmarking and risk comparison of multiple projects and technology configurations.

revenue forecast

Power market prices change every hour. NASH|dev considers hourly market prices, to create deep insights into local market cannibalization, project and technology risks.

  • Evaluation of project revenues based on granular hourly 20-year power market price forecast.
  • Intuitive dashboards provide insights into project revenues to support lending decisions.
  • Diversify your portfolio based on risk level and projected power plant performance.

finance instruments

Green financing and sustainability standards are increasingly important for lending decisions. NASH|dev helps you to evaluate the sustainability impact of your loans.

  • Carbon displacement calculation based on 20-year hourly production profiles.
  • Portfolio overview of renewable energy production for ESG and Sustainability targets.
  • Sustainability benchmarking of projects enabling lending decisions to reach green targets.

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